Draught Proofing Windows and Traditional French Doors

We use market-leading draught seals in all of our traditional wooden windows and French doors. Not only that, all of our state-of-the-art equipment is set up to work with these draught seals, ensuring that your windows and doors keep cold draughts outside.


What is Draught-proofing? 

Picture this… you’ve had a hard day at work. All you want to do is sit and read a few chapters of your favourite book.

Sitting by the window is a must because of the natural light, but you can’t enjoy your book because there’s a cold draught blowing right down your neck. Not ideal, is it?

Draught proofing gets rid of this issue, ensuring that all your windows and doors are sealed, not allowing any breezes inside. 

Window draught excluders, commonly known as draught seals are simple but effective devices that are designed to seal the gaps around windows. They prevent cold air from coming into a building in the winter and stop cool air from escaping your home in the Summer. This in turn ensures a comfortable indoor temperature and reduces heating bills. 

Draught-proofing doors is the same concept, creating a seal around the edge of the door to create a barrier against the outside environment.

How to Draught-proof Windows and Doors

You can purchase draught excluders for windows, which go around the edge of the frame, blocking any air from escaping or entering the building. These come in two forms:

  • Adhesive foam strips – These stick to the edge of the frame and are a quick and easy way of draught-proofing sash windows, however, they may not last long. 
  • Metal or plastic window draught excluders – These often have brushes or wipers attached, stopping breezes from getting in. These are slightly more expensive and longer lasting

How Do Todi and Boys Draught-proof Windows and Doors?

We use draught seals that are the best on the market and our machines and tools are all set up to work with these seals.

While they may cost more than other draught seals, they deliver superior results and are made to last.

We work with 3 main seals:

1. AQ21 seals 

These are foam seals that go around each of the sashes of a sash window. While other companies use 1 seal, we run the foam seal twice around each sash to ensure maximum draught-proofing. This helps reduce draughts, keeps noise out and means your sash windows open and close much more smoothly. 

2. Brush seals

These fit between the sashes, meet in the middle and work in a much tighter gap, leaving less space for any draughts to penetrate through.

3. SPV seals

These are used for draught-proofing timber casement windows and doors. They fit around the entire frame and create an airtight seal when the window or door is shut. They’re made from rubber and are easy to clean, replace and also retain their shape. These are a go-to when draught-proofing doors. (Note: misshaped seals are a no-no because they are gappy and let draughts in!)

All of our draught-proofing for windows and doors has proved to serve its purpose and last the test of time.

Why is Draught-proofing Windows and Doors Important?

We cannot stress to you enough how important adequate draught-proofing is. Some of our customers have had to go through the hassle and expense of replacing their windows and doors because they’d become so draughty. 

Here are some reasons why you should invest in windows and doors with quality draught-proofing:

  • Save 25% in winter heat loss 
  • Control your home’s ventilation 
  • Reduce outside noise
  • Reduce dampness and condensation 

One customer’s 4-year-old daughter couldn’t sleep in her bedroom because it was too cold and was affecting her breathing. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. We changed the windows and fitted them with our draught-proofing, which means no more sleepless and uncomfortably cold nights.

What’s more, our draught seals give that little bit extra by also being geared up to help reduce street noise. Because who doesn’t want a little extra peace in life?

If you’re looking for new, draught-proofed timber windows and doors, check out our sash windows, casement windows and French doors pages. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our team.

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