Georgian Sash Windows in London

We design, manufacture and fit bespoke and high-quality Hardwood and Accoya timber sash windows in and around London. 

Our Georgian sash windows are handcrafted to last a lifetime, giving you a beautiful and elegant home for generations to come. 

Georgian Sash Window
Georgian Sash Window
  • Designed & installed by our professionals

  • Highest quality timber and glass

  • Like for like copies

  • Beautiful slim profiles

Georgian Sash Windows Georgian Sash Window

London’s Georgian Sash Window Experts

At Todi & Boys, we are London’s specialists in timber sash windows. Over time, we have specifically refined our woodworking skills and techniques, making us the best at what we do.

Our team of joinery experts have accumulated tens of thousands of hours delivering the highest standard hardwood Georgian windows in London with exceptional customer service to match. We take pride in building Georgian sash windows that not only look the part, but also serve their purpose perfectly. 

All of our sash windows are completely handcrafted by our team, compiled of London’s very best woodworkers and craftsmen. Not only that, but we also only use the very best wood, ironmongery, double glazing and draught proofing, ensuring that your windows last a lifetime with stunning complementary looks. 

Georgian Sash Windows Georgian Sash Window

The History of Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian windows were first made famous in London during the Georgian era, named after the four kings who ruled England at the time. They were a symbol of status amongst the wealthy and were both coveted for their beauty and durability.

Since then, Georgian sash windows have become a common and highly sought after feature in homes and famous buildings across London and surrounding areas, such as the Kensington and Hampton Court Palace and more. 

Georgian Sash Windows Georgian Sash Window

Why Replace Your Georgian Sash Windows?

Over time, you may have noticed that your traditional Georgian windows are becoming damaged or have started letting unwanted draughts or outside noise into your home.

Or perhaps, you may have found that your Georgian sash windows have become difficult to open and close. This is due to the wood swelling, a common occurrence with windows and doors during the wet seasons each year. Some windows are painted shut entirely after decades of oil based paint layers. If you are experiencing any of these problems, it could be a sign that your sash windows are ready to be replaced. 

Georgian Sash Windows Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian Windows That Transform Your Home

Our team will provide you with a free survey and design consultation, which will show you exactly how your new windows will look throughout your home. This gives you a clear picture of what the final product will look like so you can picture your home perfectly before commencing with any work.

Once you’re happy, we will then design and install stunning Georgian sash windows that visually transform your property. Replacing your Georgian sash windows with our bespoke, high-quality, sturdy and handcrafted windows means that you can eliminate any annoyances you are facing. 

Adding bespoke Georgian sash windows will increase the value of your property, so if you ever decide to sell or rent, it will appeal more to potential buyers from the first look. If you are looking for an exact replication of your current windows, we can create like-for-like replacements in our London warehouse. We also match 99% of all Georgian windows that have little quirks or mouldings that not every company can directly replace.

Georgian Sash Windows Georgian Sash Windows

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Not only are we the best at what we do, but we also love doing it. That’s why we always go the extra step further to ensure that you’re not only left with stunningly-crafted wooden Georgian windows, but also an amazing experience that you’d be happy to recommend – our reviews and customer feedback prove it. Some things we pride ourselves on are:

For London residents contemplating the replacement of Georgian sash windows within a conservation area, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the area-specific guidelines and initiate early consultations with local planning authorities. The risk of application denial at this stage can lead to delays between 2-4 weeks.

By relying on experienced professionals such as Todi & Boys, we ensure your design harmonises effortlessly with preservation mandates and potential energy standards. If needed, our team offers assistance in navigating the application process, minimising the chances of rejection and ensuring a smooth transition to your new Georgian windows & doors.

The guidelines governing Georgian sash window replacements in London are often dictated by the specific area of residence. In Central London, replacements typically adhere strictly to like-for-like specifications in terms of styling, design, and materials to preserve historical integrity. Regulations may even mandate single glazing and specific glass thickness.

However, some areas may offer flexibility regarding window style, glazing options, materials, and glass thickness based on the conservation level in place. At Todi & Boys, our expertise allows us to guide you through these nuances, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for while complying with conservation guidelines.

Our range of wooden Georgian sash windows are accompanied by extensive warranties tailored to your chosen timber and any maintenance needs.

Following installation, if any part of your window isn’t working exactly as it should – our team will be there to fix it as quickly as possible. Todi takes huge pride in the quality of our Georgian sash windows and works hard to ensure all of our customers are left with a smile on their face.

Reach out to us today for detailed information on our warranty offerings.

If you’re currently on the search for your ideal Georgian sash windows, you may find yourself taken aback by the varying prices quoted by different sash window companies. This diversity can often lead to confusion – after all, you want to ensure you’re making the best choice.

Here are several factors that impact the cost of sash windows:

  • Quality of craftsmanship
  • Quantity of windows and doors required
  • Choice of wood
  • Size and dimensions
  • Number of panes
  • Glass style
  • Finishing touches and design intricacies
  • Hardware choices
  • Installation expenses
  • Historical and conservation considerations

Similar to buying a house or a new car, numerous factors can influence costs. To ensure you’re making the perfect decision, it’s essential to choose a partner who can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

At Todi & Boys, we offer personalised guidance to all our customers, assisting you through every aspect mentioned above. We advise all of our customers to come to our workshop to ask any questions they may have around the upgrades to their home.

Georgian windows are characterised by being a large window that is made up of 6 or more smaller individual panes of glass, held together by vertical and horizontal wooden bars. This adds more detail to your window, giving them a clever and appealing symmetrical appearance.

Georgian sash windows are made with equal glass panes, mirroring each other by using mathematical ratios to determine the height in relation to its width.

Edwardian windows are known for their ornate decorative details. Big timber mouldings, intricate details, exaggerated arches and stained glass panes.

Victorian sash windows either have two clear panes of glass, or four panes that are separated by a wooden strip. The frames are also generally narrower.

The Edwardian period may have only lasted 9 years, from 1901 to 1910, but the style influenced Victorian era homes many years later.

New Georgian sash windows will work smoothly, provide higher levels of security, give you optimal protection against draughts and reduce external sound… all whilst looking absolutely beautiful from inside and out.

Georgian sash windows look like they are separate panes of glass, however, we place bars inside the double-glazed units. This is to make them look like multiple panes when it’s actually one.

This keeps the cost low, allows for a more elegant looking window, and the double glazing will keep its integrity and serve its purpose for longer.

In short, yes. Our Georgian sash windows come with the best draught proofing and double glazing, making your home extremely warm and in turn, more energy efficient.

If feasible, we recommend choosing Accoya for your Georgian sash windows. Despite its higher initial cost, Accoya offers a superior return on investment throughout the lifespan of your windows.

With Accoya, worries about rot and ongoing maintenance like painting are eliminated, while environmental sustainability is prioritised.

However, we recognise your understanding of your home’s requirements. If you prefer a combination of Accoya and a hardwood, such as Sapele, for your windows or doors, based on the areas of your home that face the highest levels of weather exposure, that’s entirely feasible.

We specialise in working with both materials and can tailor our services to accommodate your preferences. Explore additional details on the best wood choices here.

After the design & manufacture of your windows, we schedule an installation date that suits you. If your renovation project is ongoing, we’re flexible and can split specific window fittings across multiple days to accommodate your schedule. Our dedicated team ensures your home is left in pristine condition, and if there are any concerns, we’ll promptly address them to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Maintaining Georgian sash windows is essential to preserve their appearance and functionality. This involves regular cleaning four times a year as a standard practice, along with painting every 4-6 years for standard windows and every 8-10 years for our Accoya windows.

For older windows, it’s crucial to periodically inspect the frames for any signs of rot or decay. Timely repairs should be conducted whenever such issues are detected to prevent further deterioration.


Wood choice 1: Sapele

Sapele is a north African hardwood that’s part of the mahogany family. It looks beautiful and has incredible rot resistance. It takes years for any rot to set in, unlike softwood, which can start to rot in just 1 to 2 years. Read more here.

Wood choice 2: Accoya

Accoya is a softwood that costs more than most expensive hard wood. It doesn’t absorb water in the way other wood does. It doesn’t rot due to the fact rot needs water to develop. Accoya isn’t affected by insect attacks either. Read more here.

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Our Google Reviews

Jon Chan, Camden

Albi and team were very helpful and efficient, accommodation some changes and making helpful suggestions during the initial requirements gathering phase. Finished product is excellent after an efficient install. The shutter company we subsequently used said they’d never seen such perfect sash windows. See More.

Ceeri Heasman, Putney

Following a recommendation from a neighbour we used Todi & Boys to replace all our old sliding sash windows with double-glazed versions of the same. Price quote was lower than other companies we’d had to quote, work was carried out quickly & efficiently & there was very minimal damage to the interior (something I was worried about). Have already recommended to friends & looking forward to a cosy Winter with our draft-free new windows! See More.

Mike Sims, Clapham

Todi and Boys have over the last few years, installed six double glazed sash windows for us. Our expectations are high and the company have exceeded what we hoped for, with quality, service and workmanship in every single window. So when we needed a new front door and frame, Todi and Boys were our first choice. Having just completed the work on the new door, we are absolutely thrilled with it both with the quality and finish which are superb.. From start to finish, the care and attention has been amazing, even the invite to view their factory and to select the right colour for the door. Todi and boys are a family run business and the whole team go the extra mile to give you the service . quality and workmanship that many other companies do not provide. We have no hesitation in highly recommending them for anyone needing new doors or windows. See More.

Libby Grant, Chelsea

I am absolutely in love with our new door and beautiful new timber sash windows. The service was fantastic from start to finish and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Would not hesitate to use Todi again and couldn’t recommend more highly. See More.

Sam Moore, Fulham

Todi and Boys were a pleasure to deal with and were both friendly and professional from start to finish. The new wooden sash window we had installed was fitted incredibly carefully. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering replacing existing sash windows. See More.

KP, Wandsworth

I recently had the sash windows in three rooms replaced by Todi and Boys having seen their van in the area and looked at their website. Their workmanship was excellent both in production and fitting. They did the work on time and made sure everything was clean afterwards. The sash windows look great and I would definitely recommend them. See More.

CDH, Putney

Todi & Boys recently replaced two of our sliding sash windows. The quality of the product is excellent, installation was quick & efficient, and the customer service support was friendly, efficient and exceeded our expectations. A particular call-out to Ada and Shab who were very helpful throughout. See More.

Paul Dolan, Wimbledon

Todi & Boys provided box sash windows within 6 weeks of my uprated specification for the bay window. The increased specification included differential widths of glazing, laminating, providing an acoustically superior barrier as well as a beautiful looking hardwood sash window. See More.

Kate Gibson, Twickenham

Over the years, I have had Todi & boys replace all the sash windows and casement windows in my house including the front bay, and my French doors onto the garden. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They offer good value and provide an extremely professional, efficient service. They’re also, without exception, polite, and friendly and take great pride in the service they give to their customers. See More.

Jane Quayle, Richmond

Todi & Boys window fitters have done a great job fitting my new wooden sash windows. I’m really delighted with the result and their efficient, very pleasant service. See More.

Tony Lafosse, Putney

Really good experience with Todi and Boys. The whole team, Todi, Ada and the installers have been very helpful and considerate. The sash windows seem high quality. I would happily recommend this company for anybody needing sash windows. See More.

Matthew Hepburn, Surrey

I can’t recommend Todi and the boys and girls (Ada) more. They were the most convincing quote for renewed sliding sash windows, bay window and front door. This doesn’t mean cheapest, it means best. Having their own workshop means they design and make all products and this is a big advantage. We were looked after very well by Ada, everything was done on time to the highest quality. Our new front door is superb and the children’s room is now warm! Thank you all! Wishing you continued success! See More.

Gina Wilton, Putney

Todi and boys recently arranged and installed two double glazed sash windows in our Victorian terraced house. Extremely happy with both the quality of the windows themselves as well as the professionalism and general attitude of the workmen that came to fit them. Service has been fantastic throughout the process and would definitely use them again. See More.

Jane Jones, London

I cannot recommend Todi and Boys highly enough. We are delighted with the quality of our new replacement sash window (the second we have had from the team) and are particularly grateful that the window was replaced at a very busy time before Christmas – fitting in with our plans. Ada and the team are most professional and friendly and we will definitely be using them again! See More.

Chris Haworth, Putney

We had a very good experience with Todi and Boys from start to finish. The end product of our box sash windows is excellent and the customer service & after sales care has been similarly so too. Well recommended. See More.

Camilla Orr, Clapham

Having just had most of our sash windows replaced by them, we couldn’t recommend T&B more highly. The quality of the workmanship is excellent, and the whole process is managed extremely professionally and efficiently. Any questions or small issues were dealt with quickly by Shay. Given the quality and detail, we also found the quote to be competitive. See More.

Hereward Walker, Fulham

Had 5 bespoke double glazed wooden sash windows made and installed by todin and boys. Service from start to finish excellent. Quality and price of product good and the team who installed left the house immaculate. Highly recommend. See More.

Rosie Doggett, London

Our Victorian terraced house in Battersea contained the original Victorian sash windows which were draughty, painted shut in places and had been repaired many times. Most importantly we were being woken each morning at 4.30 by the first ‘plane of the day as the old windows had little decent sound-proofing. We obtained 3 quotes for our wooden Victorian-style double-glazed spray-painted sash windows and found the Todi and Boys proposal to be reasonably priced and of the best technical specification. We visited their workshop in Putney and we were impressed by the quality of their workmanship. See More.

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