Gordon Road, Claygate

Gordon Road


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Timeless Elegance Restored in Claygate

A quaint property on Gordon Road in the heart of Claygate recently received a significant enhancement, blending traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. Tasked with a replacement project, Todi & Boys’ expertise was on full display as we upgraded the home with traditional sash windows, bay windows, casement windows, and elegant French doors.

Custom Craftsmanship

Each window installation was tailored to respect and enhance the home’s historical charm. The sash windows featured an unconventional split, with smaller top sashes adorned with Georgian glazing bars, replicating the original designs. This attention to detail preserved the home’s character while improving its thermal efficiency and security.

Challenges Overcome with Expertise

One of the standout moments in this project came when we encountered an unexpected challenge with the bay window’s mouldings. As the original mouldings broke during removal, our skilled craftsmen at Todi & Boys quickly recreated these intricate details in our factory, ensuring the new bay window mirrored the original—much to the client’s delight.

Furthermore, the casement windows, bridging a bedroom and bathroom, required utmost precision during installation. Our team ensured that these windows were perfectly aligned, presenting a harmonious appearance in both rooms, which significantly enhanced the home’s aesthetic and functional appeal.

Bespoke Touches

The property’s doors were given special attention, emphasizing customization. At the client’s request, we sourced and fitted an exclusive door handle that not only matched their unique taste but also complemented the overall elegance of the French doors.

A Palette of Perfection

Adding to the bespoke nature of this project, the windows and doors were finished in a two-tone paint scheme—creamy beige on the exterior and classic white on the interior. This choice of colours subtly enhances the architectural elements, making the house stand out in its lush surroundings.

Client’s Testimonial

“The speed and precision with which Todi & Boys addressed the unexpected challenges were phenomenal. They not only replicated the original features like for like but also enhanced the overall functionality and aesthetic of our home,” remarked the homeowner, visibly impressed by the transformation.

Your Home’s Potential Realized

Imagine this level of care and expertise applied to your home. At Todi & Boys, we are committed to preserving the character of your property while infusing it with modern comfort and style. Contact us today to discuss how we can help transform your property with our custom solutions.