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Sash and Casement Windows

The Portsmouth Road project in Cobham entailed a complete overhaul of the outdated UPVC casement windows of a picturesque semi-detached cottage with black beams. The charming residential architecture in the vicinity embraces traditional and historical styles, rendering the replacement of windows with classical sash windows an ideal choice for the property. Sash windows offer a plethora of advantages, including enhanced energy efficiency, heightened visual appeal, and a rise in property value.

Todi & Boys

At the front of the abode, we bid farewell to the old UPVC casement windows and welcomed new sash windows with Georgian glazing bars. These new windows are fashioned from Accoya, a robust and sustainable wood material with exceptional dimensional stability, immunity to rot and decay, and a prolonged lifespan. Moreover, considering the south-facing aspect of the front, Accoya was the recommended material for its durability in extreme weather conditions.

Around the house, the UPVC windows were also replaced with new Sapele Hardwood casement windows, which also feature Georgian glazing bars. Sapele Hardwood is a sturdy wood species renowned for its stability, resistance to rot, decay, and insect damage.

In addition to the window upgrades, the front door received a new lease on life with the installation of Accoya arched double front doors in a Victorian style. The French doors at the rear were substituted with new Accoya sliding doors, while the external window frames and sashes were painted black and white respectively to complement the black beam cottage. To divide the front room and hallway while increasing the illusion of spaciousness, a glazed sliding room divider door was also incorporated.

Every window underwent double draught proofing, which effectively reduces heat loss and elevates energy efficiency by obstructing drafts and cold air. This also elevates the overall comfort within the home. Furthermore, all windows and doors were sprayed with microporous paint, enabling the wood to breathe and release moisture, deterring rot and decay. The paint also guarantees a long-lasting and durable finish that resists UV rays, ensuring that the windows and doors retain their appearance for a considerable period.