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Project Showcase: Elegant Transformation at Portsmouth Road, Cobham

In the scenic locale of Cobham, a remarkable transformation unfolded at a stately residence on Portsmouth Road, where Todi & Boys’ expertise brought new life and enhanced functionality to a family home undergoing a full renovation. The project was a harmonious blend of heritage charm and modern innovation, marked by the careful integration of bespoke joinery that respects the home’s architectural integrity while elevating its aesthetic and energy efficiency.

Enhancing Home Aesthetics with Precision-Crafted Joinery

The renovation was highlighted by the installation of expertly crafted sash and casement windows. These replacements for the old uPVC windows are constructed from high-quality Accoya wood, known for its durability and excellent thermal properties. Painted black to match the traditional cottage-style beams on the home’s facade, these windows not only blend seamlessly with the home’s historic character but also offer a modern twist that enhances the visual appeal.

At the heart of the home’s transformation is the fully arched double front door, an architectural marvel that creates a grand entrance, setting a majestic tone that is visible from the street. This door not only adds to the home’s curb appeal but also increases security and insulation.

Adjacent to a cosy, white-walled room with a striking black fireplace, a set of sliding doors and a large fixed screen were installed, both finished in a bold black.

This choice of colour provides a dramatic contrast, turning these elements into standout features that draw the eye and invite light into the space. The large fixed screen, particularly challenging to manoeuvre due to its size and the delicate nature of glass, was handled with the utmost care, showing our team’s commitment to quality and precision.

A stunning addition to the property is the stained glass window installed in the stairwell. Crafted by Coriander Stained Glass, this vibrant and colourful window not only serves as a focal point but also casts beautiful patterns of light throughout the space, offering a daily spectacle that is both unforgettable and inspiring.

Overcoming Challenges with Expertise

One of the significant challenges of this project was the installation of the large fixed screen at the rear of the house. Due to its considerable size and fragility and the already installed new shutters, our team had to meticulously plan the removal and refitting of these shutters to ensure flawless integration without disturbing the existing setup.

Client Reflections and Future Invitations

The transformation at Portsmouth Road has been met with enthusiasm and appreciation from the homeowners. The integration of modern features that respect the home’s historical essence has not only enhanced its visual appeal but also its functionality, making it a beacon of comfort and style.

As homeowners enjoy their newly transformed space, Todi & Boys continue to invite others to explore how our bespoke solutions can redefine their homes. For those inspired by this project, we offer personalized consultations to discuss how our craftsmanship can bring similar elegance and efficiency to your residence.