Gordon Road, Claygate

Gordon Road


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Replacing the Sash Windows, Casement Windows, French Doors and Bay Windows

Our new project in Claygate, Esher, is an out-and-out testament to our dedication to preserving historical integrity while infusing modern functionality. This Edwardian property in Gordon Road has been transformed with a complete replacement of the bay sash windows, casement windows, and French doors. Our approach has been methodical: making sure that each new installation carries the individual architectural characteristics of the Edwardian period but also adds to the level of thermal efficiency and security to protect the home. The result is an interconnection of the past and the contemporary, where timeless design meets living standards. This project exemplifies best the motive toward excellence in the renovation of heritage homes to make sure that they are viable for the modern homeowner while still maintaining the integrity that the heritage features contribute to the home.