Martindale, Richmond



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Sash Windows

In the picturesque suburb of Martindale, Richmond lies a grand Victorian semidetached house that embodies a rich legacy and striking architectural design. As a premier wooden window and door provider, we were thrilled to have the chance to contribute to this property’s visual appeal.

Todi & Boys

Martindale, renowned for its Victorian-style architecture, is adorned with intricate masonry, a hallmark of which is the use of bay sash windows, a prevalent feature during the Victorian era. We took great pride in replacing the front bay sash windows and other windows around the property, ensuring that the newly crafted designs align with the existing ones, while incorporating the latest double-glazed technology.


Apart from the windows, we also changed the front door, a renovation that complemented the existing windows and doors. Our team meticulously crafted the new door with double glazing, renovated stained, and leaded glass, and added a touch of sophistication with polished brass door hardware. The lush green front door and white windows harmoniously blend with the renovated red brick walls and white grouting, offering a modern touch to this Victorian semidetached house.


The outcome of our revamp efforts is a magnificent Victorian semidetached house that blends history and contemporary design, epitomizing the timeless beauty of Martindale.