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Reviving Richmond: The Martindale Home Renovation

In Richmond’s Martindale road, a semi-detached house was ready for a major transformation. The homeowner wanted to bring back the original charm of the property while adding modern touches for comfort and efficiency. This balance of old and new was central to our approach at Todi & Boys.

Keeping True to Historical Roots

The renovation started from scratch, stripping everything back to the basics. As we reconstructed the windows, we maintained the unique historical feature where the top sashes are slightly smaller than the lower ones, true to the original design. This attention to detail ensured that each window wasn’t just a functional element but a piece of history restored.

For the front door, we installed a new set featuring bespoke stained glass by Coriander Stained Glass, blending security with beauty and creating a welcoming entrance that speaks to the home’s heritage and the owner’s personal style.

Adapting to Challenges

When unexpected delays arose from the contractor, our location and flexible scheduling allowed us to adapt quickly. We coordinated with the contractor to install the windows in stages, fitting them in as each part of the home was ready. This helped keep the project on track without compromising on the quality of the installations.

A Harmonious Outcome

The completed home is a perfect blend of the past and the present. Each window and the detailed front door play their part in this beautifully rejuvenated property, meeting the homeowner’s vision of a modern home steeped in historical charm.

Imagine the Possibilities for Your Home

If the Martindale renovation inspires you, consider what Todi & Boys could do for your home. Whether it’s enhancing historical features or introducing modern efficiencies, we’re here to help. Let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life, ensuring your home respects its past while embracing the future.